Frequently asked questions

Are you still operating through the Covid-19 situation?

Yes! As an online business, we are able to continue fulfilling orders through the Covid-19 situation. We have stocks but we encourage you to place your orders early to avoid any potential delays with delivery. NB: We have stocks but we are very busy so please order early to avoid disappointment! We use DPD Next Day and Royal Mail

Why is Nourish+C so different?

The Dog food market is full of a myriad of products …Kibble, wet food, raw diet food, supplements, food claiming to be good for a dogs joints…..the list goes on. At best it is confusing, at worst, misleading.
We are transparent. The Nourish + C range has been developed after extensive research to provide an answer to the confusion. A simple solution to your Dog’s nutritional needs.
Commercial dog food is produced in such a way that the nutritional content is often compromised. The ingredients at the start of the process can lose their efficacy and bioavailability due to the temperatures required to ensure the product has a long shelf life. In a nutshell, it's goodness.
Raw diets are becoming increasingly popular and are great for ensuring that your dog gets the protein that they need, mirroring the natural diet of the species. However, it is widely recognised that a raw diet needs to be supplemented with dog vitamins and minerals to ensure balance.
At Winston and Porter ® our dog supplements are suitable for all dogs. Our Nourish + C range has been developed after extensive research to compliment whatever feeding regime you use. "Let the dog food provide the calories…Nourish + C will take care of the essentials".
Many dog supplements on the market contain low levels of essential vitamins and minerals - meaning their effectiveness is limited. The core ingredients can be expensive and many companies feel that including the high levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids is cost prohibitive.
Winston and Porter ® ensure quality, have included human grade ingredients, use no buffers or fillers and have optimum levels of the best vitamins, minerals, essential oils and amino acids required for peak health benefits. Every ingredient has been selected for maximum health benefit. The combination of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, amino acids and pre and probiotics we believe has no comparator on the market. Every constituent in our supplements has a ‘job to do’ and is able to be used by your dog for maximum health.
Most companies offer an ‘off the shelf' product , produced in the same way as they have been for decades .
We are innovative. The mode of action is unique as are the formulations and the product itself. It is a supplementary food, but can be fed on its own as a snack, breakfast or supper. We have an amazing pipeline of products in development for your dogs to benefit from.
Large companies cannot cater for customers on a personal level.
We care about your individual needs. Unlike some commercial brands. If you have a Dog which has a specific nutritional need we should be able to accommodate that, being qualified and manufacturing in house, enables us to meet individual needs. We want to work with you to find a solution. Ultimately we want your dog to be happy and healthy. Use the link on the Home Page 'Free Tailored Dog Nutrition Info' to tell us about your dog and any issues/concerns you may have. If we can, we will work with you one to one.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! To qualify for Free Shipping your order must be over £49.95. This will be applied automatically at the CART stage and will calculate shipping charges if any apply. Please note - at present, we are unable to offer free shipping to the Scottish Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight and Isles of Scilly.

Are your packages recycleable?

All of our packaging materials are fully bio degradable and we always try where possible to use recycled materials. For example, some of our shredded internal protection packaging is recycled by us from personal and business papers and card boards.

What is the difference between the Max Strength and the Hip and Joint Rescue products?

Max Strength and Max Strength Plus are both high spec multi vitamins and minerals combined with a strong joint supplement. The Max Strength Plus contains a natural anti- inflammatory and pain reliever called serrapeptase. They are both fed as a porridge by adding water to the dry mixture. They can be added to existing food or fed as a stand alone supplement snack. Hip and Joint Rescue and Hip and Joint Rescue Plus are pure joint supplements containing high doses of essential joint ingredients. See comparison table The Hip and Joint Rescue Plus contains serrapeptase like the Max Strength Plus but in higher doses. The Hip and Joint Rescue supplements should ideally be mixed in with a wet food for palatability.

How long will a pouch of the Hip & Joint Rescue and Hip & Joint Rescue Plus supplement last?

It very much depends on the size of your dog but a guideline would be: Small dog (0-15 kg) - 4.5g per day (This amount can be used on all cats too) 200g pouch will last 44 days 400g pouch will last 88 days 800g pouch will last 177 days Medium dog (15 - 40 kg) - 6.5g per day 200g pouch will last 31 days 400g pouch will last 62 days 800g pouch will last 124 days Large dog (40 kg +) - 13g per day 200g pouch will last 15 days 400g pouch will last 30 days 800g pouch will last 60 days

What sizes do you sell in the Nourish + C Multivitamin and MIneral, the Max Strength and Max Strength Plus?

1.2 kg (small dog), 1.8 kg (medium dog) and 2.4 kg (large dog)

How do I measure out the amount to give my dog with your supplements?

There is an appropriate sized scoop inside each pouch or tub with feeding guidelines on the label of the product to help you administer the correct amount to your horse or dog.

Help - I can't find a scoop in my pouch or tub!

There is an appropriately sized scoop inside the product container. Sometimes they fall down to the bottom of the container so have a look first, and then if you still are unable to find it then contact us on on 0191 3790077 or email and we will send you one out.