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2021 Bridal Hair/Bridal Hair Accessory Trends ...

Without question, the 2021 Bridal trends are going to be hugely influenced by the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. Not only have hundreds of brides had to reschedule their big days but the whole wedding industry has taken a massive hit during this time.

We have to bounce back with a ‘go big or go home’ mentality. The British public have been stuck in their home not being able to celebrate anything with their loved ones and we hope that this can change asap!

We have to help the British economy survive and in particular and most selfishly - our industry!

The majority of brides have postponed their big days to later dates! We have to sit and take the (only) positive from this being that you now have longer to get your plans absolutely perfect!

Whether you decide to go intimate and embrace a ‘micro wedding’ where you can overly spoil your nearest and dearest or whether you plan to go oversized and extravagant, we think you as the bride should never have to compromise on your look and here’s what we think the 2021 Bridal Hair and Hair Accessory trends will be:

Firstly we belive that pastels are going to be huge and replace the traditional ivory pallettes. This could be followed through in using fresh flowers in the hair of either the bride or bridesmaids …


After we have all been stuck inside for so long, and if your anything like us, probably in your comfies with hair scraped back and little or no makeup then its time to get Glam! We think we will see the return of full Hollywood glam! Gorgeous and pristine Hollywood waves are one of our absolute favourites! Whether you have long hair or a short bob, waves are for you!

We also believe, and hope, for a lot of TEXTURE! Textured low buns and textured ponytails make us very happy and we cannot wait for brides to embrace this slightly ‘messier’ trend.

And finally the ‘new’ French twist! This is a style we have always previously recommended for a mother of the bride however we think more and more brides may opt for this. This style is so simple yet effective and can turn an old time classic into something really fresh and cool. Not forgetting incorporating the ‘texture’.

Halo Braid – Not entirely sure that this is a 2021 trend but it is one of our favourites so we have decided to bring it back and push for it to be our own bridal trend! This is the perfect style for the relaxed, boho, summer wedding.


Hair Accessories adorned with sparkled and pearls will continue to be popular for 2021. I think brides could go for either a no expense spared one-time wear or go for something that could be become an heirloom to be passed down through generations.

Hair accessories have also been abit of an afterthought and something that is purchased last minute as a ‘that will do’ but I really feel like brides are taking the time to pick the perfect accessory now.

In particular we believe the specific accessory trends to be:

Big Bold Hairbands – This one really excites us! We cannot wait for brides to be abit braver and go big when it comes to their hair accessory. In particular pearl hairbands! The bigger the better. And most of the 2021 hair trends really allow for us to play around with all kinds of headbands and crowns. Gone are the days of the ‘subtle’ hair pin.

(insert web link)

3D Floral Headbands – Another exciting trend! This is a trend that has come from bridal gown trends and we believe that a 3D Flower Crown will compliment these dresses perfectly!

( insert web link)

BRIDAL BARRETTES – Yay!!! The 90’s hair accessory has just got invited into the wedding industry! We absolutely love this hair accessory and it is the perfect piece for any un-done and undertated bride. Clipped in at the one side it teams perfect with the Hollywood wave or a super sleek straight look. It is just enough for brides that want to keep their hair down but need it gently swept out of their face.

BOWS AND RIBBONS – Super modern and chic. The perfect accessory to finish off a loose bridal bun or ponytail. In crisp white or creams or even pastel shades these can make any style look effortless. - Luxury Bridal Hair Accessories - Luxury Bridal Hair and Makeup

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