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New Year, New You

Well what a start to the year! An can we just say, where has January gone! January is notoriously a crazy month in the wedding industry as brides seem to be on a mission to get things booked up and ticked of their wedding to do list! So not only have we done numerous weddings, lots of trials and generally trying to get on top of Admin, we have had a crazy amount of enquiries flooding in daily to respond to!

BUT don’t get me wrong, we wouldn’t have it any other way! We absolutely love hearing from you all and getting you all booked in with MODE.

Me and Beverly started off the year with a ‘2018 Appraisal’ (That’s what were going to call it J) We wanted to take some time to review the last year and remember all of the AMAZING things that we had achieved! Sometimes when you are Self Employed and you are constantly working IN your business you forget to lift your hear and take in what you are actually achieving as you go along.

We made a big long list of over 20 things we had accomplished, Here are just a few we are super proud off:

· Won ‘Highly Commended’ at The Wedding Industry Awards

· Organised our first ever Styled Shoot which got featured!

· Hit 1000k followers on Social Media

· Got featured on ‘Rock my wedding’ and ‘Love my Dress’

· Was part of many other styled shoots

· Grew from 83 brides a year to doing 124

· Launched our online Hair Accessory shop

Doing this small task then makes for a great starting point for planning our 2019 Goals and dreams!! We wanted to take this opportunity to share a few of these with you -

· Do more styled Shoots with our favourite suppliers and friends


· Hit 2000k followers on Social Media

· Start doing Instagram lives – Aparently people want to see more of us!

And these are just a few , Wow were going to be busy!

So 2019 lets do this!!!

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